Grow Your Business With Inbound Marketing

Prime offers solutions to grow your business with inbound marketing. We can help you plan and execute an inbound, content-driven strategy to accomplish your digital marketing goals.

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Prime will work with you to identify target personas, brainstorm content offers, develop a content calendar, identify distinct asset needs, and lay out a strategy to execute an effective inbound marketing campaign.

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Whether it's a blog, social media, or content offer, Prime works with you to create quality content that attracts your ideal customers to your website. We help with the planning, creation, and distribution to develop a steady stream of traffic.

A great inbound campaign shouldn't only attract visitors; it should also engage them and keep them coming back. As a HubSpot platform partner, we utilize the best inbound marketing tools to measure the engagement of each piece of content and social interaction. It helps us tailor our marketing efforts toward the intended target audience.

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Lead capture is the essential piece of a strong inbound marketing campaign. Prime will develop content offers, lead capture funnels, calls to action, and landing pages that make visitors want to convert. Along the way, we will measure each piece to help us optimize our lead capture funnel.

Not all leads are created equal. Each comes to you at a different stage in the buyer's journey, so it is crucial that we continue to nurture each lead and move them along the sales funnel. Prime will help you develop and execute a lead nurture strategy that keeps edges engaged with your business.

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By using the HubSpot platform, we have a variety of tools to measure our results and learn the best path to success. From keyword research to content engagement, everything is tracked down to the individual blog article. All of this provides us a wealth of data to analyze and optimize your campaign.

We do not believe that every client has the same goals, so we price our services on an individual basis. Our inbound marketing services typically consist of an annual contract with a price range from $4,000 - $10,000 per month. No campaign is created equal, so we focus on customizing them to fit our clients' needs and budgets.

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