Website Development

For scalability, functionality, and ease of use.


We've taken the time to do the research and develop the platforms that we feel give you the most cost-effective, scalable and flexible solution possible. All of us here at Prime Incorporated focus on being your web partner and building a site that can adjust over time and continually be a valuable part of your business.

We Build Sites That Do Things

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All of our sites are built to be responsive. It means they will work in any web browser on any device, from your desktop computer to your grandma's new iPhone.

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No site is alike. You won't find templates here at Prime. Everything is built uniquely to your individual requirements. We have five graphic design degrees in the office and the software tools to prove it! Or is it five tools with graphic design degrees?!?

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Utilizing tools, we teach you how to use your site is as easy to edit as firing up a text editor like Microsoft Word, including loading a photo from your computer. No resizing, no editing, no multiple formats. All taken care of for you!

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Search Friendly

Our sites are built to be found on the good o' World Wide Internets. We utilize many of the current search engine optimization best practices, making sure people can find you on the Google, Bing, and others.


Being able to edit your site is crucial. Just look at this last sentence! No need to put in many change orders and wait for a developer to get back to you. Just log in to your website, make the change, edit or addition and get on with your day.


Tried and true and a favorite of web professionals for years, expression engine is customizable and scalable to no end. Whether it's an elaborate event calendar or fully formed e-commerce site, this is a one-stop solution we know very well and, you will love as much as we do by the end of the project.


Craft is a newer player on the block, but a powerful and beautiful solution nonetheless. Content publishers will love some of its features, and if you want to see the future of web editing, we would highly recommend a tour. (WYSIWYG, yep.) Heck, the very site you're looking at is built on Craft. Give us a holler and let's "Craft" up a site for you. It'll be fun.

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We Build Sites That Measure

Ever wonder if that ad you placed on that one site, that one time, is doing anything? Wondering where most of your web leads are coming from? We have great analytic solutions to find out how and where you're ranking, where visitors are coming from, and what content they are engaging with. Building the site is just the beginning, here at Prime we use some powerful tools to help you better measure your online customer engagement.