Advocates for Awesomeness

Do great work and treat your clients like they are your family. That is what we believe. We invest ourselves in the success of our customers. We succeed when they succeed, and we have a lot of fun in the process. Whether you need a new website, a new brand, a full marketing campaign, or you just want to grab a beer with some cool people, we've got you covered!


Our Philosophy

At Prime, we believe if you do good work and put your clients first good things will happen. We work to make the agency/client relationship transparent and accessible. We have developed and continue to fine tune our processes and systems to make our execution as efficient as possible. We know we aren't the expert at what you do. We look at it this way. You're great at your job, and we're amazing at our jobs, so how can you go wrong when we team up? We keep things loose so our clients know that if there is anything they need, they can just let us know, and we will work our asses off to provide it to them, On-time and on-budget.

Our Business

Prime was hatched in the fall of 2010 when Gregg, Jason, and Ben got together to brainstorm ways to take our individual businesses to the next level. They quickly realized, working together was a lot more fun, and they could take on about any project, from branding to web development to executing a full marketing plan. So the obvious next step was a new business where each of them could focus on their specialty but work together in the same space where they could combine their talents and either create a superb design or come up with new ways to celebrate happy hour.

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Our Industries

At Prime, we're super happy and super proud that we've got our hands in a multitude of industries. We enjoy the variety and challenge that come with being versatile. However, the industries that we have found ourselves working in the most are the credit union, the outdoor, travel and shooting sports industries. We've worked with businesses big and small, B2B and B2C, wholesale and retail, manufacturers, trade associations, real estate developers, real estate offices, government entities, a children's hospital, and even a distillery. We draw on our extensive experience in these various areas to bring fresh ideas to each of our clients.

Our Staff

Each of our staff members is a proud alumni of Montana State University. We have a mix of creative directors, graphic designers, programmers, a digital strategist, and a marketing intern. Employees hail from towns in Montana like Deer Lodge, Missoula, Great Falls, Big Timber, Townsend, and one outsider from Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's a great group of creative individuals who all contribute to a growing Prime.

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Our Office

In our office, we try to keep a relaxed environment where our staff enjoys coming to work, and the client feels comfortable laying out their marketing goals. We maintain an open layout because we believe this cuts down on any barriers of communication and keeps our staff working as a team. On Friday afternoons, we are pouring beers from the kegerator or heading to one of the happy hour spots within walking distance. You should join us if you're in the neighborhood. Bring nachos. We've worked hard to establish a culture where creativity is king and people enjoy working hard and playing just as hard when they aren't crushing the keyboard in the office.