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New Tools Destination Marketers Should Know About

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on Sep 14, 2021

  If you’re a destination marketer, you probably have your trusty set of tools that help you draw visitors to your destination – likely a mix of social advertising, print advertising, billboards, content marketing and more. But in the quickly-evolving world of technology and digital marketing, there are always...

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Why the Best Real Estate Websites Work

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Sep 07, 2021

  A real estate website isn’t like any other business website. It has needs specific to the industry, with property listings that are changing constantly and the need to develop a personal relationship with clients quickly. With more than 25 real estate and development websites under my belt, I’ve...

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5 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Custom Website

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Aug 31, 2021

  As a business, there are some things that are okay to skimp on. Maybe your office doesn't need to supply employees with some small work necessities such as pens, notebooks, or snacks. Your business might choose not to get certain time-saving programs like Quickbooks and do the accounting...

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Guide to Destination Marketing Through Instagram

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on Aug 24, 2021

  Remember the wanderlust you felt while under lockdown in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic? You and everyone else were scrolling through Instagram, gathering inspiration for the day you’d be able to travel again. ...

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A Guide To Improve Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on Aug 17, 2021

  Social media marketing can often be a double-edged sword. In one sense, you can reach people in a very personable and authentic way. On the other hand, if done poorly, your social media can dismantle your brand's credibility that you've worked so hard to build. Regardless, social media...

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5 Key Components Every Financial Marketing Strategy Should Have

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Aug 10, 2021

  So, you’re looking to create a marketing strategy for your financial institution. “Where to start?” you might be thinking. Whether this is the first time you’re executing a full-blown marketing strategy or you want to try a new approach, everyone needs some direction. Our experience at PRIME has...

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What's the Right Mix of Traditional and Digital Marketing?

Posted By: Jason Johnson on Aug 03, 2021

  There isn't one, concrete answer when it comes to the right mix of digital and traditional marketing. It's incredibly dependent on the client, the intended outcome, the budget, and the target audience. We take all of these factors into account when it comes to planning a marketing strategy....

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5 Ways to Modernize Your Website in 2021

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Jul 27, 2021

  With an uptick in internet usage over the last year, your website has never been more important as the face of your brand. The modern buyer will often use a company’s website as a first impression – a strong indicator of whether or not he or she will...

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4 Questions to Ask When Branding a Destination

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Jul 20, 2021

  When it comes to destination marketing, your product is a place. You’re selling an experience – a place that offers people something different than what they might find in their everyday life. That experience is your brand. ...

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Generating Leads in Real Estate is All About Automation

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Jul 13, 2021

From listing a home to closing a sale, the process of selling real estate has gone digital. And while digital real estate means fewer in-person meetings with potential buyers and sellers, it still requires the same level of consistent nurturing (if not more) – just on a different platform. ...

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5 Money Trends Financial Institutions Should Get Ahead Of

Posted By: Jason Johnson on Jul 06, 2021

  Trends in finance are evolving rapidly. What started as a digital revolution in banking was then forced to accelerate with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping most people from managing their finances in person. The state of the world has set off a chain of innovations and...

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9 Types of Paid Advertising to Use for Destination Marketing

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Jun 29, 2021

  Paid advertising is perhaps the most important tool for letting the world know about your destination. While your organic social channels and website might be pumping out great content, it’s pretty difficult to compete in a digital landscape without dropping some dollars. Whether you’re marketing for an up-and-coming...

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7 Strategies to Target New Demographics For Credit Unions

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Jun 22, 2021

While marketing was being revolutionized in the 1960s, Bob Dylan sang, "The time's they are a-changin'." It was true at the time, but not more so than today. Some people lament the change brought on by new technologies and new generations, but without it, we'd still be crawling around...

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Integrating the MLS Into Your Real Estate Website

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Jun 15, 2021

  If you’ve been working in the real estate industry for long, you’re probably quite familiar with your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). An MLS is a data feed of property listings in a particular area, generally managed by a real estate association. It’s a way for real estate...

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Social Media for Financial Institutions: What's Relevant?

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on Jun 08, 2021

  Many financial institutions suffer from low followership on social media. Think about your own social activity – how many banks and credit unions do you follow? Probably not a lot. Maybe the ones you bank with at most. ...

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How Your Internal Culture Drives Credit Union Growth

Posted By: Jason Johnson on Jun 01, 2021

  Each brand has a culture that drives its identity. People naturally associate different feelings with the brands we interact with, and that can be used as a marketable tool. Does your credit union have a unique culture that your members keep coming back for? Can you think of...

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Why Blogging is Key to Destination Marketing

Posted By: Lindsay McWilliams on May 25, 2021

  When it comes to destination marketing, the focus is so often on advertising: massive poster ads in airports, billboards, quarter-pages in travel magazines, and even social media ads. And advertising is certainly an essential part of any destination marketing strategy. But when it comes to creating a long-lasting...

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Why Email Marketing is So Successful in Real Estate

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on May 18, 2021

  Email marketing is not a new tool to real estate agencies and developers. Email has been used for years to follow up on leads from buyers and sellers, and it’s been honed into a lead-generating machine by those who know how to do it well. It has continued...

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How to Utilize Social Media's Paid Advertising Capabilities

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on May 11, 2021

Social media advertising has been on the rise since social media’s inception, but the year 2020 took the power of social media to a new level. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook became the go-to for online shopping in several industries, and a way to discover new brands that people...

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Matterport Makes Virtual Touring a Reality For Real Estate Marketers

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on May 04, 2021

  For today’s homebuyers, so much more research is being done online before ever going to look at a home in person. Plus, with the COVID-19 pandemic coming into play, the online experience has become paramount, as more buyers are hesitant to visit busy open houses, let alone walk...

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How to Create Calls to Action That Drive Conversions

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Apr 27, 2021

  Calls to action, abbreviated as CTAs, invite your target audience to take an action. CTAs usually come in the form of something clickable, such as a bit of text with a hyperlink, a button, or even a photo. By taking this kind of action, a person signifies their...

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6 Web Design Trends for 2021

Posted By: Shane Niederklein on Apr 20, 2021

Web design in 2021 relies on mobile functionality. As of January 2021, there were 4.32 billion active mobile internet users in the world. Now, mobile functionality isn’t a trend (it’s here to stay) but it is the baseline for all the trends we’re seeing in 2021. This year, brands...

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Why Research is the Key to Great Content (and How to Do it Well)

Posted By: Lindsay McWilliams on Apr 13, 2021

Researching for any blog, web content or social media content takes extra time and effort to root through search engines and find credible sources and data that back your claims. But it’s an extra step that will greatly improve the quality of your content. Research is a commitment to...

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How Marketing Analytics Can Improve Transparency in Your Organization

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Apr 06, 2021

  As digital marketers, data has become an ever-growing part of our jobs. We turn to analytics for insight into many of the decisions we make. Whether your team is using free applications like Facebook for Business or Google Analytics, or you pay for a more robust tool like...

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