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4 Common Struggles With Online Banking and How to Fix Them

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Dec 29, 2020

  With fully digital banks like Chime making their way into the top 10 list of banks in the U.S. and 80 percent of Americans preferring online banking to visiting a brick-and-mortar branch, online and mobile banking are top-of-mind. People rely more on their phones and laptops for banking, but that doesn’t mean...

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PRIME Basics: Email Marketing for Beginners

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on Dec 22, 2020

  While email may seem an archaic form of marketing compared to social media influencers and newsfeed ads on TikTok, its marketing power may surprise you. As it turns out, two-thirds of customers have made a purchase as a direct result of an email marketing message. And on average...

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5 Things You Should Know About Large Format Design

Posted By: Teresa Keserich on Dec 15, 2020

  As a graphic designer, you will likely be challenged at some point in your career with creating some type of large format design. While “large format” doesn’t have a formal size definition, it’s a design that’s usually viewed from a distance and is, well, large. We’re talking billboards...

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5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Nonprofits Fundraise

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Dec 08, 2020

For most nonprofit organizations, fundraising is something that touches almost every area of their organization. NPO's and NGO's often use the term development because there is a continuous system that cultivates engagement for each area of the organization. Ultimately, all of those avenues of impact engage people toward a goal that...

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Adobe MAX Recap: Our Favorite Sessions

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Dec 01, 2020

This October, our team at PRIME was excited to take advantage of Adobe’s virtual design conference, Adobe MAX. With more than 350 sessions packed into just three days, it was a challenge to pick and choose which ones to tune into. Luckily, many of them are still available on-demand...

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Why Giving Back is Good for Your Marketing Strategy

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Nov 23, 2020

  It’s no coincidence that you’re seeing more and more for-profit companies participate in charitable giving and volunteering, and take a moral stance on big issues. According to the 2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose Study, 94 percent of global consumers say it is important that the companies they engage...

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How Your Website Can Better Serve Your Association

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Nov 17, 2020

  In the world of NPO's and NGO's influence and impact have become major drivers in our world today. We know that passion fuels your mission and vision and that your association has focused goals, a relatable mission, and dedicated members. So far, your efforts have gone towards creating...

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How Financial Wellness Tools Can Take Your Bank To the Next Level

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Nov 10, 2020

  Banks are developing apps, calculators, worksheets, and more to help people manage their finances and draw in new leads. It's a whole new world out there, and now is the time to embrace the tools that customers are calling out for. 2019 saw more than one trillion financial...

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A Financial Institution’s Guide to Compliance in Digital Marketing

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Nov 03, 2020

  If you've been in the financial industry for a bit, you know compliance is a big deal. Financial institutions must comply with a multitude of regulations based on several different acts issued by various government bureaus and commissions. Of course, compliance is essential to your company's financial health...

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PRIME Basics: How to Write an Effective Press Release

Posted By: Lindsay McWilliams on Oct 27, 2020

  Many sources date the first press release back to 1906, following a Pennsylvania Railroad accident. The agency staff released coverage about the event before journalists could cover it on their own. It's rumored that some newspapers re-published the release nearly verbatim – a brilliant success for the Railroad's PR team...

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6 Essential Tips for Making Your Nonprofit Brand Succeed

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Oct 20, 2020

  Nonprofits, NGOs, and charitable organizations have transitioned heavily in the marketplace to being forces for awareness and action in Western Culture. Whereas once, marketing was focused solely on fundraising events, membership drives, or various development pitches, nonprofit branding has become a significant force of influence, as social good...

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Preparing for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Oct 13, 2020

  The long-awaited Prime Day has finally been here – and we’re not just talking about it because our agency shares the name. Typically planned for July, Amazon Prime’s promotional event was postponed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic placing too much stress on its warehouse and shipping networks. The...

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Taking a Digital Approach to Mortgage Marketing

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Oct 06, 2020

  If you’re a mortgage broker or loan officer, you know that selling mortgages is all about relationship-building. In this industry, networking works. The only thing that’s changed is how you network. Though word-of-mouth and face-to-face marketing are effective for some clients, more and more people are heading online...

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5 Ways Financial Institutions Can Connect With a Younger Audience

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Sep 29, 2020

  When it comes to Millennials and Generation Z, we have a lot of presumptions. Older generations cast a wary eye their way, leaning on the many tropes and stereotypes that have become popular for understanding. This is nothing new. The previous generation has always been a bit hesitant...

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Five Blogs and Online Magazines to Fuel Design Creativity

Posted By: Katie Pierce on Sep 22, 2020

  No matter how brilliant or successful you are as a designer, everyone has those days – you're stuck in a rut, hitting dead ends, feeling like everything you create looks like something else you've already done, or it's just not quite right. We all need a little inspiration-on-demand...

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How to (Effectively) Gather Feedback About Your Financial Institution

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Sep 15, 2020

  You’ve seen them -- those “Tell Us How We Did” emails you get after setting up an account or calling a service representative. The language practically begs you (“It only takes five minutes!”) to participate because the company knows that most people won’t take the time. Admittedly, I...

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Digital vs. Physical: Lessons Learned from COVID-19 and Banking

Posted By: Jason Johnson on Sep 08, 2020

  Through the nature of necessity, the COVID-19 pandemic forced financial institutions to find ways to do nearly everything digitally and remotely. In making this transition, many institutions found improved, automated tools that will stick around long after social distancing recommendations are gone....

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How Financial Institutions Can Use Social Media to Boost Brand Awareness During COVID-19

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on Sep 01, 2020

  With more time at home in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are turning to social media more than ever before. Now at an all-time high, social media use is an avenue for staying connected with loved ones, political engagement, shopping, and so much more. While financial institutions...

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How to Get More From Your Outbound Emails

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on Aug 25, 2020

  Let’s do a word association game. When we say Instagram, what comes to mind? Perhaps funny memes, your favorite products, visual inspiration? Now, what about when we say email? Is it suddenly feeling stuffy in here? ...

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How Financial Institutions Can Up Their Digital Marketing Game During COVID-19

Posted By: Jason Johnson on Aug 18, 2020

  The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent effects on the economy brought financial safety and security to the forefront for many of us. Whether you’re struggling personally or not, you may have seen your favorite mom-and-pop restaurant down the street close or heard the drone of falling stock market statistics...

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Four Reasons Your Messaging is Falling Flat with Your Audience

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Aug 11, 2020

  There are few things as disappointing as sitting down to your computer, downing your third cup of coffee as you sit there late into the night cranking up content piece after content piece, only to have it hit the internet to a chorus of crickets. What happened? You...

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The Six Essential Elements of a Brand

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Aug 04, 2020

  We've spent a lot of time together talking about branding, and it's been a real treat (at least we think so). But most of the content we've spent consuming and communicating about branding has mainly related to the tangible. And that's because the tangible stuff is super important...

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How to Prepare for Your Rebrand

Posted By: Katie Pierce on Jul 28, 2020

  The rebrand. It's not a term for the faint of heart, and it's certainly something you can't just walk into willy-nilly. Not if you want good results, anyway. When you're staring down a rebrand, there's a lot to consider. Whether you're just excited to get going or unsure...

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The How-To on Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Posted By: Meg Sepulveda on Jul 21, 2020

  There's a secret that well-seasoned marketers know. No matter how many warm fuzzies an ad campaign gives you, or how clever, or funny, or relevant it is, none of it matters if the campaign can't drive engagement that leads to revenue. No matter how well the intention should...

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