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5 Areas of Your Website That Need Consistent Upgrades

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Jun 09, 2020

  When it comes to a website, many companies either tend to either hammer something out themselves, buy one, and then let it sit. But your website isn't a succulent you buy at the market, set on display, and ignore for months only to find it's blossomed beautifully. Think...

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Five Reasons Your Website is Never Really Done

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Jun 02, 2020

  Today we continue our saga into good website practices with PRIME's Director of Digital Development and website guru Ben Fjare. And while this topic is a multifaceted one in which each facet is a critical part of a well-oiled machine, today's topic stands out especially. Perhaps that's because...

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CMS Battle Royale: Craft vs. EE. vs. Wordpress

Posted By: Shane Niederklein on May 26, 2020

  Whether you're a budding freelancer burning the midnight oil in your shared apartment or a well-versed firm of developers, choosing what CMS (content management system) to work with can be daunting. Without a full understanding of what each one offers, and more importantly, requires of its users, you...

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5 Things to consider about upgrading your website

Posted By: Ben Fjare on May 19, 2020

  Today we're talking firsthand with a professor, technologist, and all-around website guru, as well as PRIME's Director of Digital Development, Ben Fjare. With countless custom web designs under his belt from clients across the globe, he has more than his fair share of experience in walking clients through the...

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What Does It Look Like to Work With PRIME and Improve Your Website?

Posted By: Ben Fjare on May 12, 2020

We're kicking off a new series talking with PRIME's Principal and Digital Development Director, Ben Fjare. Ben is a professor, digital experience expert, dev-tech influencer, and all-around website guru. In this week's offering, we will learn about all the ways you can keep your website in its fittest form...

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Ramping up to reopen: how prime can help

Posted By: Jason Johnson on May 05, 2020

  It’s here! The day that never seemed like it would come. The one we could hardly see from the depths of our quarantine stupor, sick with cabin fever and drunk on toilet paper power. Slowly but surely, however, a light began to shine on the horizon, and soon...

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Engaging Your Customers From a Distance

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Apr 28, 2020

As the world has made significant shifts in response to health and safety in the last few months, so have businesses. Perhaps more than anyone, business owners have had to retain their sense of humor, stay flexible, and present a stalwart self. It's no easy task, and just like...

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10 Ways to Communicate Empathy and Authority Amidst Crisis

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Apr 21, 2020

  There are a million different types of leaders in the world. From Gandhi to Genghis Khan, there are a lot of varying leadership styles out there, and not all of them are created equally (see Genghis Khan). There are, however, certain traits that all good leaders share, and...

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PRIME is here to H.E.L.P.

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Apr 14, 2020

We spend most of our days getting by. Every morning, we knot our tie, eat our Wheaties, pin back our hair, push through the office front door, and before we know it, it's time for our 3 o'clock cup of coffee. The day is mostly gone, ticked away task...

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Being Responsible, Feeling Empowered

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Apr 07, 2020

  As we continue to navigate the new, uncharted waters of working during COVID-19, we continue to ask how we can H.E.L.P. We believe those waters don’t have to be murky. That unexplored doesn’t have to mean unmanageable. That’s why we’re talking about how to transition from the guy...

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5 Ways to Work Together While We're Apart

Posted By: Jason Johnson on Mar 31, 2020

  Social distancing is the hottest new term in our culture's arsenal. The unique side of this is that it is not so much of a social disconnection, as it is an experience of physical distance. We've had years of being social online, with people we have never met...

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Linkedin Learning: The Tool That Will Change Your Work Game

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Mar 24, 2020

  I remember the first time I heard about a business social media app, like Facebook, but for adults or work. I was in high school. I took a class that was supposed to get me ready for the real world. More than just building a paper resume, the...

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The top 10 design quotes you need to give your creativity a jolt

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Mar 17, 2020

Not that the starting and stopping of our work should ever hinge on it, but every designer finds themselves at one point or another in need of a little inspiration. And while it should never dictate our output, inspiration plays a vital role in the creative process. Maybe you're...

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Facebook and the world of offline conversion tracking

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Mar 10, 2020

When it comes to your activity, it's no secret that you're being tracked pretty much all the time. The Snowden days of 2013, when the public was scandalized to hear their activity was being monitored, are long gone. And while the thought of being watched doesn't entirely give us...

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Insights Into Your Digital Marketing Action Plan for 2020

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Mar 03, 2020

The New Year is slipping away, and we are about to jump into Q2. It is always helpful to take an introspective moment to understand why we're operating the way we are, but making sure your reaching for the right goals is something to re-visit before too much of...

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What's New With Hubspot's App Marketplace

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Feb 25, 2020

For small to medium-sized businesses, having the right tools can mean everything when it comes to their success. When you're running an SMB (small to medium-sized business), there are always more tasks than can be done, more hours required in a day than are realistically available. With business owners...

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2020 Trend Alert: Taking Your Web Design Off-The-Grid

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Feb 18, 2020

As the new year makes its way in, we've been looking at the online trends of 2020 and what web designers, marketers, and business owners alike can expect as they set their sights on the new year. While trends often trickle from one year to another, we can safely...

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Tips from the Pros: Understanding Leads and Demand Generation

Posted By: Jason Johnson on Feb 11, 2020

So, your sitting in a meeting and someone starts dropping acronyms like there's no tomorrow... You're reading the P&L, making sure you've got enough ROI on your SEO, and your COO starts talking about Q2 returns YOY, and how your MQLs have been outperforming your SQLs while your COS...

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The Best Branding Trends of 2020 to Get Pumped About

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Feb 04, 2020

As we continue forecasting what marketing trends we think will be a major hit for 2020, today, we turn our sights on branding. Easily one of the most exciting facets of the marketing world, branding just gets better and better as companies have to try harder to compete to...

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Posted By: Katie Pierce on Jan 28, 2020

Around this time of year, there’s a lot of projecting for the year to come. And 2020 is no exception. As a new year, an election year, and the start of a new generation, there’s a lot of forward focus and forecasting surrounding the upcoming 365 days. With all...

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How to Freelance Like a Pro

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Jan 21, 2020

This week's offering from PRIME is from one of our amazing and talented freelancers: Collette Hinnenkamp  Founder of Bon Temps Collective (pictured above) ...

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Make Agile Marketing Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2020

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Jan 14, 2020

The term Agile Marketing is by no means a new one within the business world. The odds are that even if you aren't actively using an Agile approach to your business, you've heard of it in some way, shape, or form over the last few years. It was born...

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Social Media Influencers: Finding and tracking the Right Influence

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Jan 07, 2020

While it’s still unsure how Instagram’s latest like policy will change the face of influencer marketing, we think it’s safe the say that the marketing niche certainly won’t be going anywhere. So much so, that by 2020, influencer marketing is projected to be a $10 billion industry. That’s billion. With a “B.” With...

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What’s in a Like? The Good and Bad of Instagram’s New Policy

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Dec 31, 2019

Let's be real for a second—2019 has been wild. Kanye started a church. Starbucks made it into Game of Thrones. The nerds nearly stormed Area 51. Fully grown adults bought and wore fanny packs. And Instagram announced it would be making "Likes" invisible on its platform....

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