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2020 Trend Alert: Taking Your Web Design Off-The-Grid

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Feb 18, 2020

As the new year makes its way in, we've been looking at the online trends of 2020 and what web designers, marketers, and business owners alike can expect as they set their sights on the new year. While trends often trickle from one year to another, we can safely...

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Tips from the Pros: Understanding Leads and Demand Generation

Posted By: Jason Johnson on Feb 11, 2020

So, your sitting in a meeting and someone starts dropping acronyms like there's no tomorrow... You're reading the P&L, making sure you've got enough ROI on your SEO, and your COO starts talking about Q2 returns YOY, and how your MQLs have been outperforming your SQLs while your COS...

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The Best Branding Trends of 2020 to Get Pumped About

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Feb 04, 2020

As we continue forecasting what marketing trends we think will be a major hit for 2020, today, we turn our sights on branding. Easily one of the most exciting facets of the marketing world, branding just gets better and better as companies have to try harder to compete to...

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Posted By: Katie Pierce on Jan 28, 2020

Around this time of year, there’s a lot of projecting for the year to come. And 2020 is no exception. As a new year, an election year, and the start of a new generation, there’s a lot of forward focus and forecasting surrounding the upcoming 365 days. With all...

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How to Freelance Like a Pro

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Jan 21, 2020

This week's offering from PRIME is from one of our amazing and talented freelancers: Collette Hinnenkamp  Founder of Bon Temps Collective (pictured above) ...

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Make Agile Marketing Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2020

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Jan 14, 2020

The term Agile Marketing is by no means a new one within the business world. The odds are that even if you aren't actively using an Agile approach to your business, you've heard of it in some way, shape, or form over the last few years. It was born...

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Social Media Influencers: Finding and tracking the Right Influence

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Jan 07, 2020

While it’s still unsure how Instagram’s latest like policy will change the face of influencer marketing, we think it’s safe the say that the marketing niche certainly won’t be going anywhere. So much so, that by 2020, influencer marketing is projected to be a $10 billion industry. That’s billion. With a “B.” With...

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What’s in a Like? The Good and Bad of Instagram’s New Policy

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Dec 31, 2019

Let's be real for a second—2019 has been wild. Kanye started a church. Starbucks made it into Game of Thrones. The nerds nearly stormed Area 51. Fully grown adults bought and wore fanny packs. And Instagram announced it would be making "Likes" invisible on its platform....

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The Hunt for Influence: 6 Reasons you need Influencer Marketing

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Dec 24, 2019

Over the last few years, we've watched influencer marketing explode like a mac truck in a Van Damme movie. The past year was the biggest yet, indicating nothing but a continual climb for the marketing channel in the future. But as big as influencer marketing has become, many small...

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3 Tools to Help Your Digital Marketing Explode with Infographics

Posted By: Katie Pierce on Dec 17, 2019

When it comes to marketing, we all know that infographics are essential. It's like knowing that you need a chain on a bike to make it go. Visuals should be a significant part of your marketing arsenal, sitting holstered, and waiting to be deployed at any time. ...

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7 Sources to Get in The Mood for Design

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Dec 10, 2019

Since our beginnings, man has been a fan of the pump-up. Waring tribes mixed warpaint to smear on their faces and smatter horse’s haunches. Pre-game rituals fuel the moment of execution, whether you are Brian Urlacher, would eat two chocolate chip cookies (while listening to country music) before each...

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Designing to fit your medium-device differences and responsive strategies for your website

Posted By: Ben Fjare on Dec 03, 2019

Fewer things are more likely to make a perfectly reasonable human being hurl their device across the room faster than an aggravating, user-unfriendly experience. With our proclivity to change devices to look at particular sites in different ways, responsive design can make or break the experience for the user...

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Cowboys and Contractors Need Marketing Too

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Nov 26, 2019

Across the country, there is a unique class of folks that stand out as anomalies from the digitized masses. They aren't hard to recognize. Often, they're using aging tech or a non-smartphone, they would rather get dirt under their fingernails than be on social media and have little to...

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Lettering and Illustration: The Return Hand Drawn Design

Posted By: Katie Pierce on Nov 19, 2019

As long as people have kept written records, they have been using intricate designs to accent their words. The art of beautiful penmanship and decorative letterforms are prevalent in Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese art. It doesn't take a Master Penmen to look at our country's Declaration of Independence or the Constitution...

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The Why, How and What of Minimalist Design

Posted By: Katie Pierce on Nov 12, 2019

Quite often, the objects we encounter every day are laden with history and reason, and we are unaware of it. It's understandable. For starters, we're busy guys and girls. Not to mention, we can't possibly be walking, talking experts on the reason, historical context, and functionality behind everything we...

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Money in your Pocket: How Mobile has Changed our Money Habits

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Nov 05, 2019

You might have asked why a marketing agency would dive so deeply into the changes of the mobile technology and the effects of the world we live in. The truth is, that we here at PRIME are constantly looking for connection, engagement, and community on behalf of our clients...

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Listen up: how mobile has changed your music habits

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Oct 29, 2019

What Music Looked Like Then Odds are if you're reading this, you grew up in a generation that wasn't just born into the online universe. From Lite Bright loving 90's babies to the Dead Heads of the '60s and everything in between, many of us are more familiar with...

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Investing in the mobile age: money in your pocket

Posted By: Gregg Alexander on Oct 22, 2019

With the introduction of mobile into every corner of our existence, nothing remains untouched by its influence. Business, vacations, family, school, hobbies, and money; we use mobile applications and afford more connections than ever before. One of the early innovators in leaving the walls of a designated space is...

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Swipe Right: How Mobile Changed Dating Forever

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Oct 15, 2019

Today we continue our journey down the rabbit hole of the mobile economy. In this post, we're looking at how mobile has changed one of the most significant sectors of personal life for better or worse—the dating world. ...

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The Mobile Economy: How it’s Reconstructing your Business Communications

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Oct 08, 2019

the Mobile Economy of Communications The invention of the smartphone changed our working world as we know it, having our office always in our pocket. We are reachable at all times whether we like it or not. For better or worse, this has dramatically shifted our perception of communication...

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Power to the People: When Car Shopping Goes Mobile

Posted By: Alli Sisson on Oct 01, 2019

Today we continue our journey down the rabbit hole of the mobile economy. In this post, we’re looking at how mobile eCommerce has changed one of the biggest industries for the better of the average buyer—the car industry. ...

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The Mobile Economy: How it’s Reconstructing your Shopping Experience

Posted By: Alexa Audet on Sep 24, 2019

Most blog posts about the mobile economy usually start with a wordy explanation about how mobile is an unwavering part of our daily lives. But seeing as nearly 50% of you are probably reading this from your phone, we figure you already know that. As for the other half, we'd bet...

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Spreading your Wings: How Mobile Makes Air Travel Even More Possible

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Sep 17, 2019

We're kicking off a new series at PRIME on the transformation of the way we do things. In the economy of life, there are tried-and-true methods, habits we love, patterns we are used to and a variety of other activities that condition the way we approach tasks. With the advent...

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Building Presentations: The Tools that Bring Your Best Pitch to Life

Posted By: Joshua Weir on Sep 10, 2019

There are a lot of do's and don'ts when it comes to giving an excellent presentation. Oddly enough, one of the most significant factors to a killer presentation is just that, your presentation. How you present your materials and information to your audience can play a vital roll in...

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