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If there is a constant pet peeve for customers, it’s feeling that they’re being sold on something, especially when it’s something they don’t actually need. It’s the sleazeball salesperson; it’s too many trips to “the manager” to get you that rock-bottom deal at the car dealership; it’s the “as seen on TV” the product that didn’t deliver on the promise. The main offenders of this have historically been salespeople, who we all relied on to be the authority of information and the gateway to what we needed. But times have changed, and today’s consumer won’t tolerate the same process, whether for a personal purchase or a cost of doing business.

Today’s sales process is more consumer-driven. Most consumers start by researching and educating themselves on a product or service before they buy it. By reading online reviews and scoping out Amazon comparisons, most consumers have already decided whether to buy your product or not before they come to you. By the time a salesperson starts in on their pitch, the consumer already has ammunition to combat their sale.

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