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Bozeman Real Estate Group

Two topics never seem to go out of style in Bozeman--the housing market and the weather. In a market that is as competitive as Bozeman, Montana, the Bozeman Real Estate Group needed a way to stand out. Real estate offices in Bozeman are somewhat akin to Starbucks' in Seattle, so delivering on BREG's differentiators is a paramount strategy in the Gallatin Valley.

Bozeman Real Estate Group was founded because they knew that they could do something better for their clients and their community. At PRIME, our goal was to showcase the company's stand-out culture, real estate knowledge, community involvement, and all-around love for the quality of life Bozeman offers. Driving influence in a congested market is something we pride ourselves in. While working with BREG, they have become the primary influencer in Gallatin and Park Counties for real estate and community information both for locals and transplants to the Last Best Place. From refining their website to maximizing the SEO on their listings, we work in lockstep with Bozeman Real Estate Group to help keep them the front-runner in the Bozeman real estate game.

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"Working with Prime has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition and become leaders in our industry. They are progressive and innovative and have given us so many action steps to keep our marketing ahead of the curve."

Kate Springer
Marketing Director - Bozeman Real Estate Group

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