The Challenge

With the growing threat of global air pollution and high travel volumes, the DetoxAir air filter serves a noble purpose. For those who are constantly on-the-go and need a convenient and compact method for protecting their health, DetoxAir’s low profile and stylish design is the go-to option for go-getters.

It’s always a dream to come onto a project in its infancy, getting the opportunity to shape the brand, packaging and distribution prior the device being manufactured. But we also love a good challenge. Ours lay in targeting our brand and marketing to attract multiple markets in multiple languages and distribute the product internationally.

The Prime Fix

We poured hours of research into the look and feel of the logo, packaging, website and content. Marketing internationally ain’t easy. Some of our key target markets were in areas where social media and online marketing have tight restrictions. But like we said, we welcome a challenge. How’d we bridge the gap, you ask? By connecting with our market through trade show attendance, brand ambassadors and switching our marketing focus over to a national level to gain traction before going global. As of right now, we’re targeting industrial workers, traveling professionals, and runners in cities with the highest levels of air pollution.

Work With Prime

Work With Prime