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Fins and Feathers has been one of the top fly fishing shops in the Gallatin Valley over the past two decades, providing guide services and a vast inventory of gear and flies to meet the needs of fishermen of all abilities. PRIME has had the honor of working with Toby and the Fins & Feather's team in various capacities over the past six years. We have worked closely in marketing, web, and design on each project, collaborating with Toby and his team to help them stand tall in a saturated market space.

In the past 12 months, PRIME has increased our involvement working more consistently to help oversee the marketing campaign strategy and consult on web traffic analytics. We have leveraged our full suite of services, including traffic analytics, content marketing consulting, social media consulting, graphic design and marketing support, campaign strategy, and planning to support one of our favorite local businesses. This relationship proved crucial during the COVID-19 Pandemic, where we developed a very agile process to adjust marketing objectives and adapt to ever-changing regulations on brick and mortar businesses.

All of you at PRIME have been terrific partners for many years now and absolutely rocked for us through the COVID shutdown - I don't know how we would have made it through that without your help with ideas and execution. As things are rocking right now, I still pause to remember those scary times and am grateful to have had you all on our team. It gives me confidence as we plow ahead that we always have a fighting chance with folks like you in our corner.

Toby Swank


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