The Backstory

With a tagline of “Wholesale Trust,” we couldn’t think of a better way to describe working with NASGW (National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers). After multiple conversations, NASGW decided to give us a go, and the rest is happy history. Over the past 3 years, we’ve continued to build trust and relationships with the NASGW gang, creating some stellar work and truly awesome friendships along the way!

The Challenge

NASGW needed some revitalization with its brand, messaging, and overall perception. As one of the main conduits for getting sporting goods to marketing, NASGW relied on some tried and true tactics of the past, focused primarily on their annual meeting and EXPO. This event brought buyers and sellers together under one roof, but with increased competition from avenues outside distribution, it was time to up the game and reinforce NASGW’s brand and purpose to its members.

The Prime Fix

Working with NASGW provided the coveted and rare opportunity to work with an outstanding team to create a new logo, tagline, visual direction, outreach strategy and a revamped digital presence. We started with a series of phone calls and brainstorming sessions that eventually gave way to a gorgeous “AH-HA!” moment that resulted in a tagline that truly represented their mission and values. “Wholesale Trust.” It’s the kind of moment that gives a marketer new life. Simply stated, it nailed who they are and what they offer to their members and industry. The logo was born shortly after, along with a brand guide and an arsenal of print and digital pieces. We separated out the EXPO into its own entity, creating unique brands for each year, based on location. We also put together a separate website for both NASGW and the NASGW expo, giving the users a better digital and responsive experience. We were deeply integrated into the team, working with the Board of Directors, President, and Chairman of the Board to create all outreach correspondence and Public Relations materials. The journey has continued to evolve and transform, as relationships formed, and we were trusted with more and more along the way. From creating sub-brands for new award categories, to being intimately involved in the design, planning, and production of the EXPO, we’ve loved every minute of our deeper dive with this company. We’ve created overall graphic themes for each year and even scripted the Awards Dinner. There have been more than a few instances of “Hey, Prime, think you guys can handle…,” to which we’ve always been able to step up and make it happen.

The Results

The “measurables” are all up, from the website traffic, to Twitter, to email engagement. We recently put NASGW on the HubSpot platform as well and are working on outreach campaigns to its members and non-members about a whole host of important issues. Whether its updates on all aspects of the industry or keeping them updated on the political climate to ensure exhibitors are well informed on what can take place during the annual meeting and EXPO, NASGW has the tools to spread the message (and measure it). HubSpot has allowed us to track, engage, and increase awareness, and we look forward to providing continued sales metrics and results for all our future outreach.

Work With Prime

Work With Prime

Sometimes, the intangibles matter more to us in the Prime office than anything that can be measured with an algorithm. We’ve done a ton of work with NASGW. We mean a TON, and we’re pretty damn proud of how things are going and what the future looks like. It’s amazing to work we a group of people “you just get,” and are humble, honest and hard working. It’s why we do what we do. It makes working with NASGW a pleasure and honor, and we truly enjoy the times we can get all of us together from our different locations around the US.

Looking Forward

There’s a lot to keep our wheels turning, from the EXPO, to new programs and initiatives, to new partnerships and opportunities. We look forward to the challenges that come with raising awareness and reinforcing the underlying business principles of NASGW. Great organizations are made by great people, and we’re so happy to be the trusted marketing partner of this one.