The Challenge

A few years back, while working in conjunction with Reid Smith Architects, we created a gorgeous, award-winning site (no seriously, we’re talking a Best in Show award, here!). The only issue with the site came down the road, as mobile responsiveness became a necessity for websites.

The Prime Fix

There’s an old saying, often ignored by overzealous fathers, managers, and tinkerers world-wide. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We figure age-old advice is age-old for a reason, and that’s exactly what we did with Reid Smith’s site. We used the same design and tweaked it to be mobile friendly for phones and tablets. We also updated their content management system, increasing functionality on the back-end of the site. This gave Reid Smith Architects even more control over updates and edits that could be executed at any time, quickly and efficiently. Other “upgrades” include full-screen galleries and a Red Smith recognition page full of published articles about the company. All-in-all, what seemed like a “little” upgrade when viewing the site actually made it a major win.

The Results

By the end, Reid Smith had the same awesome site they loved, only mobile friendly. After all, it is 2018, and being a cutting-edge architecture firm means having a site that reflects the times of today, not of yesteryear.

Work With Prime

Work With Prime