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Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Rocky Mountain Credit Union is a limited charter credit union in the state of Montana. When they hired us in 2015, they needed an agency that could help them grow their market share, develop connection with Millennial audiences, and set them up for success with their long term goals. As a financial institution with 80 years of service under its belt, redeveloping how they look, feel, and engage their membership has been an evolving partnership in the last five years.

They are one of our fully integrated Hubspot partners, using automation, and content marketing to deliver products and services with a personal touch. So much of their credibility is in the local market; local people making local decisions, rather than 3rd party verifications and red tape. We are forging ahead together, leveraging their expertise and insight into everything from budgets to better customer service than your average bank can supply. Here is what they say about us and some of the stats from the work we have done with them.

Prime has transformed the way we market our business. In the past six years they have helped us significantly increase our membership numbers as well as loan growth. Prime is professional, creative and well organized. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to rebrand or grow their company.

Kelly Fleiner

Director of Public Relations - Rocky Mountain Credit Union

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