The Starting Point

When Rocky Mountain Credit Union hired us in 2015, they were looking for a marketing agency that could help grow their reach with Millennial audience within their small charter area of 200,000 people. The median age at the credit union was a spry 68, and they knew that continued growth meant getting their brand back on track with their long-term vision. RMCU has been a financial institution since 1940 and had never undergone a full branding and messaging revitalization. It’s safe to say that defining the brand and getting everyone on the same page was long overdue.

The Diagnosis

Our first step with RMCU was a brand overhaul. We collaborated to develop banding, mission, and vision statements that clearly defined RMCU for everyone in the institution and its members. Creating this universal foundation allowed us to establish new messaging and visuals that reflected their company culture. After establishing the brand, our next priority was designing and developing a new website, new marketing materials, and a year-long campaign strategy that delivered their brand to their target audience

The Prime Fix

After getting RMCU’s CMS-built website on track, we expanded our digital efforts. We created email drip campaigns, PPC and social campaigns, and grew their online offerings. RMCU’s service track record made our job a cinch, which we promoted through a helpful website that members could reference, and we could drive traffic to. Our strategy also included a healthy mix of traditional advertising, as we understood that a large chunk of their demographic still gets jazzed about print and radio spots.

In 2016, we fully integrated RMCU with HubSpot for an inbound marketing approach. Our work with the Credit Union was all encompassing. From re-branding personal loans, to the award winning “Gear Loan,” to checking accounts aimed at growing Millennial memberships, we were able to pull their brand into the 21st century. This new brand experience is fun, functional, and reflective of its Montanan members’ lifestyles.


Since taking the reins on RMCU’s marketing, we’ve made some giant leaps forward!

  • The median customer age went from 68 to approximately 47 (April 2017) and their Millennial audience is experiencing strong growth.
  • Membership numbers have grown 12% annually and RMCU now holds 10% of the market share in a heavily saturated and small market.
  • Organic website traffic has increased 26.68%, direct traffic has increased 27.21%, and social media traffic has grown a staggering 732% from 2016 to 2017.
  • We created a new pathway for leads in their mortgage, consumer and commercial lending departments with marketing automation.

Work With Prime

Work With Prime

A New Approach on Mortgages

One challenge we encountered with Rocky Mountain Credit Union was the lack of awareness around mortgage offerings. We created fresh messaging, new print materials that offer lenders flexibility of information, and email and direct mail campaigns that have helped break the fuzzy stigma.

Looking Forward

Moving ahead, financial education will continue to be a cornerstone of our communication. Using HubSpot as the foundation, we’ll continue to grow our blog traffic and utilize our digital and traditional pathways to educate potential members. With HubSpot, our goal is always optimization and efficiency. With great traffic to our landing pages, our mission is to convert those leads and strengthen the pipeline for our lending teams. We’ll continue to look for innovative ways to beat member expectations as we grow with Rocky Mountain Credit Union well beyond 2018.