Alli Sisson - Prime Incorporated

Alli Sisson

Social Media Manager

Always in the know, PRIME's social media pro keeps her finger on the pulse. Alli can give you all the online trends, local fun, all the current Boston Red Sox stats that you can handle.

Alli is a social media maven, experienced in delivering insights into consumer behavior, developing connection, and building community. She loves using her creative side to engage audiences and flexing her analytic muscles to implement effective social media strategies.

Alli is the Social Media Manager for PRIME. She develops outbound strategy for PRIME's clients through email marketing, social, and target market analysis. She architects outbound strategy with email marketing, social, and target market analysis. She is also one of the principal advisors for cultural trends, audience response, and eCommerce developments as they happen in our world today. Alli believes that social media is a necessary tool to interact directly with your target audience. She defines success in engaging real people through companies that believe what they believe, where social media is the vehicle for being able to express that. Social media that validates your brand and builds trust will in-turn gain customer loyalty.

As a seventh-generation Bozemanite, Alli knows how lucky she is to live here! She graduated from Montana State University in Marketing with a focus in digital marketing. If you want to have an excellent conversation, talk up some street hot dogs or the latest Red Sox win. Alli is always up for enjoying downtown Bozeman, listening to music, or planning her next trip around the world.