Gregg Alexander - Prime Incorporated

Gregg Alexander

Principal, Director of Digital Strategy

Chances are if you're talking about skiing or harnessing the power of data with someone at PRIME, it's Gregg, and he's geeking out on both.

Gregg is an advisor, a strategic content marketer, and an analytics authority. He serves as the digital marketing authority and the head of operations for PRIME, a marketing and design agency in Bozeman, Montana. He is a communication expert who uses inbound marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, media placement, email marketing, and marketing automation to engage target markets for PRIME's clients.

Applying insights gleaned from more than 10 years of digital engagement experience; Gregg helps business leaders and decision-makers understand the analytics of their efforts and the inner workings of their engagements. He then uses that knowledge to craft engaging narratives that cut through the clutter and resonate on a deep level with the target audience. He emphasizes the steady, cumulative progress and calculated results that come from a good strategy and diligent work while increasing business efficiency through automation and technology.

Gregg packages his expertise into delivering insights and best practices for executives, entrepreneurs, marketing committees and real estate professionals. He teaches them to understand the outcomes of their activity, the impact of their audience's interaction, and to implement digital marketing as a strategic tool that develops their pipeline and grows the reach of their communication efforts.

In his free time, Gregg loves to play in the mountains around Bozeman with his wife Lindsay and two daughters, Addy and Ella. On the weekends in the winter, you will usually catch him up at Bridger Bowl or Big Sky sharing his love of skiing with his daughters.