Jason Johnson - Prime Incorporated

Jason Johnson

President and Creative Director

The Master Chief is required to be a fountain of wisdom, the ambassador of goodwill, and the authority on personal relations, as well as the technical expert. If you've worked in Bozeman for long, you probably know the Chief by his other name, Jason from PRIME.

Jason is a leader, a motivator, and a creative director. He serves as the head creative visionary for PRIME, a marketing and design agency in Bozeman, Montana. With over 20 years of experience, working in agency environments as well as in larger-scale places like Nike and the Montana Department of Military Affairs; Jason has facilitated success in a variety of digital and print campaigns through brand direction, design strategy, and outbound messaging.

Utilized by Montana State University as an expert in his field, Jason has taught graphic design requirements for the MSU BFA program. He leverages his depth of experience to lead and develop future creative professionals, relaying the reality of demand that is placed on deliverables in the business environment and the quality of work needed to distinguish one's self in the marketplace through design.

Jason believes that constant learning and adaptation is needed due to the evolving nature of creative fields. He works with engaging clients and communities who seek a greater impact from their brand and a raised engagement through their marketing efforts. He credits the success that PRIME brings to their clients as coming from the strength and experience of his team members. It's what makes the whole organization thrive and grow. Where others only talk about what they’ve done, PRIME continues to forge ahead and partner with their clients to anticipate their needs and deliver success.

Jason is also a Chief Master Sergeant in the Montana Air National Guard, with nearly 25 years of service. Serving our country and state is one of his greatest accomplishments and sources of pride. He is also proud to be the husband of his wife, Kortnee, and father to their two kiddos, Grant and Genevieve.