Josh Weir - Prime Incorporated

Josh Weir

Digital Marketing Director

If you’re up for a good story or a good cup of coffee, then Josh may just be the guy you are looking for. PRIME's resident wordsmith and meme maker.

Josh is a writer, a strategist, and a marketplace engagement professional. He lives at the intersection of perspective and methodology. His processes originate in listening, learning, and understanding the motivations behind the interaction and the values behind the goal.

In a culture that seeks more personal connections, interactive experiences, and relational growth; unified vision, contemplative evaluations, and high-value communications are essential. Whether building a campaign, developing an audience, or going to market, we all need a hand in collaborating to create the right community.

As a seasoned professional in visual and rhetorical engagement, Josh brings 20+ years of strategy, marketing, and design experience to the PRIME team. He is the Digital Marketing Director, formulating go-to-market campaigns, and tailored messaging that develops a connection with specific target markets while building community in distinct audiences.

After growing up in Southern California, Josh completed his education at places like Westmont College and Harvard University. He has traveled to over 30% of the world engaging cultures, building relationships, enjoying the local cuisine, and playing the beautiful game. Now enjoying the charms of Southwest Montana, Josh, his wife Heather, and daughter Audra enjoy making art, the magic of Disney, and trekking all over creation. He likes to Fly the W, use the force, and relax with a couple of oat sodas and a good conversation.