Katie Pierce - Prime Incorporated

Katie Pierce

Graphic Designer

As PRIME's emerging design powerhouse, Katie loves creative problem solving — finding fresh and innovative solutions that are out of the box, and effective. Expression is good, perspective is better.

Katie is a creative force to be reckoned with, delivering perspective, and solving problems through visual aesthetics. She is gifted at delivering breakthrough design solutions and logo packages that propel clients into the right market space. Managing a variety of deliverables, Katie has the level of disruptive innovation that exceeds expectation, breaks barriers of conformity, and delivers excitement that facilitates visual storytelling.

Katie is one of the Graphic Designers at PRIME. She blends her expertise in illustration, typography, and visual design into the solutions she develops. Katie excels at understanding complex issues within brand positioning. She is insightful amidst the juxtaposition of visuals and messaging. She delivers excellence in creative processes that contain a variety of constraints and complex deliverables.

Katie grew up in western Montana in the Missoula valley. Katie attended Montana State University, receiving her BFA in Graphic Design. With a family full of artists, it was no surprise design was her calling. She credited the painting lessons she took with her grandmother as the source of knowing creativity was her passion. In her spare time, you can find her petting the nearest dog or hiking the Montana back-country. Katie loves sharpening her photography skills and taking in the joys of The Lockhorn Cider House.