Lindsay McWilliams - Prime Incorporated

Lindsay McWilliams

Content Manager

Proper grammar isn't a choice; it's a way of being. As PRIME's denizen journalist, ideator, and articulator, Lindsay helps everyone in the office sound smarter than they are — when she's not traveling, baking, or chasing outdoor adventure, that is.

Listen, research, understand, plan, write. Lindsay's approach to content development allows her to become a temporary expert in various industries, delivering engaging content that draws new interest to a brand. She believes a well-written piece can accomplish nearly anything and derives joy from knowing she has helped expand someone's knowledge or find a new perspective.

As PRIME's Content Manager, she finds the story in every brand and then tells it in the most elegant way possible. Lindsay is a writer, editor, and storyteller who cares way too much about your misplaced apostrophe, relating your words to your audience, and polishing your pitch to perfection. She has a knack for translating and summarizing technical information, making it palatable for the layperson. Lindsay understands that building relationships is the differentiator in driving impact and credibility. She then leverages her dialectic arsenal to bring life to social content and target market engagements, partnering with clients to translate their campaign deliverables into captivating copy.

Lindsay spent most of her life as an Oregonian before recently moving to Bozeman, searching for new mountains and rivers, and fewer people. In her free time, Lindsay can be found rock climbing, cooking, and singing along to whatever music is currently playing (or not playing).