Teresa Keserich - Prime Incorporated

Teresa Keserich

Graphic Designer

Artist, photographer, designer, and eyewear aficionado. When she's not skiing way too fast, or chilling with her dog, she's spinning the creative wheels for PRIME's partners.

Teresa is a passionate and talented artist, photographer, as well as a meticulous design pro. She is adept at creative disciplines in and out of digital space. Not only is Teresa gifted in typography and illustration, but she also has a depth of experience in digital and email marketing campaigns. Her superpower is reaching outside the box to deliver a brand that hits the center of your target market.

Teresa is one of our Graphic Designers at PRIME. She accesses her proficiency in multiple mediums of artistic skill to develop brand and collateral deliverables for her client base. Her ability to employ design empathy, and think about the experience of design, helps her bring fresh perspectives to aging brands. She also is gifted at layout and design space management, in a digital and print environment. Teresa believes that creative efforts take time to do well, and that design and marketing is a team effort, where collaboration is the key to bringing out the best work.

Teresa is a Bozeman native, balancing her love for experimenting in the kitchen with engaging the outdoors for adventure. When it comes to a dump of powder on the hill, you might find this former Freeride competitor getting in a run or two before coming into the office. Her passions connected to art and photography led her to Montana State University where he received a BFA and graduated with honors. She loves spending time with her mini-schnauzer, Oreo, as well as hunting, foraging for mushrooms, polaroid cameras, and growing her ever-expanding collection of funky eyewear.