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The Bozeman Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is focused on attracting visitors to the Bozeman area and promoting tourism. We use some advanced tools, like Arrivalist and Databox, to maximize the efforts to connect people to the adventure that awaits them in Montana. As a mecca for all things recreation-related, Bozeman is a place that draws those looking to try new activities or tried-and-true activities in exciting new spaces. They say coming to Montana can often feel like stepping back in time, but we know that your website doesn't have to live in the past to communicate the authentic history surrounding the content you're putting forward.

Our strategy and efforts are always evolving. We focused on finding better ways to refine customers' journeys and maximize ROI with Bozeman CVB. In October of 2017, we launched a new version of the website, which was even more visually engaging and provided a streamlined navigational structure. The immediate results have been encouraging, to say the least! The new site converts users at an even higher rate and has led to a 219% growth in lead growth to date. The data we've collected has helped us stay agile and continually refine our strategy and improve our campaign. If it's good, the goal is great. If it's great, the goal is always better.

PRIME completely changed our approach for tourism marketing, and the results have been staggering, just look at the growth in airport traffic. Their use of data to make decisions and strategically target emerging markets has been revolutionary for Bozeman. It has helped us be on the leading edge for tourism marketing in the state of Montana and the Northern Rockies. Beyond the results, PRIME has been a great partner to work with on a professional and personal level. I can't say enough about what they bring to the table.

Daryl Schliem

CEO - Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce and Bozeman Convention and Visitors Bureau

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