Starting Point

The Bozeman Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is focused on attraction visitors to the Bozeman area and promoting tourism. Our initial contact with the Bozeman CVB was through an RFP to redesign their website. They say coming to Montana can often feel like stepping back in time. Let’s just say the previous CVB website communicated this too well, with a dated appearance, lack of mobile-friendly design, and overall lack of content and visual appeal to keep visitors on the site. In general, it fell short of representing the rich experience visitors have when they come to Bozeman. Along with the previous site, the organization had been funding some marketing to drive people to the site, but lacked the ability to measure success, capture leads, or drive engagement through social media. We put together a response to the RFP, which included a series of interviews and questions regarding our abilities and our strategy for improving user experience.

Our city is buzzing, and we wanted people to know it the minute they landed on the CVB site. As a mecca for all things recreation related, Bozeman is a place that draws those looking to try new activities or tried and true activities in exciting new spaces. We reorganized the website to focus on activities and attractions, making it super easy for users to find the fun they’re hunting for. We also felt the site was aching for some valuable content. It was a lackluster resource on what to do, where to stay, or what to eat in a town that busting with good times just waiting to be had. Even though the RFP didn’t include anything about new content, we knew it was only a matter of time, and that a scalable solution was a priority in securing the site’s future success.

The Prime Fix

Lucky for us, we were able to snag the RFP and got started on revamping the website. We focused on ease of use for site visitors, improved the interface, and whipped up a scalable content management system. Within eight months of the new site being launched, our conversations shifted from functionality to the dire need for more content. We prescribed a content marketing strategy that made the most of current resources by driving leads through a travel and relocation guide that was already produced annually. Prime integrated the website with HubSpot and puzzled together a new blogging strategy and schedule, drumming up over 100 blogs in the first year. The new blogs were a trove of shareable content for social media, helping us create a brand-new social media strategy to further drive traffic to their fresh site.

Our next phase with the Bozeman CVB led us to overhaul and align the media buying plan with our content marketing strategy. We got it done by directing paid traffic to engaging blogs, strong calls-to-action, and landing pages that captured leads. We also developed an email marketing strategy to continually share helpful information and travel tips for anyone interested in visiting Bozeman (i.e. anyone with a lick of sense). Within 18 months, we completely revamped the marketing approach and achieved some brag-worthy, measurable results.

The Results

The results for the Bozeman CVB were the stuff of a marketer’s dreams--a flare of the dramatic mixed with instant improvement. Immediately, the new site saw benefits with better SEO and an easy-to-use interface. We were getting more organic visitors from our expanded content and they were hanging out on the site longer. Once we launched the content marketing campaign, we saw the social media engagement skyrocket.

  • Page likes on Facebook increased from 27,000 to 42,000 within 12 months, a whopping increase of 55%.
  • Once our content was fully indexed and found its way to the top of the search engine rankings, it started to pay dividends. In a span of 24 months, our organic traffic has increased 285% and leads have increased 319% (yeah, you read that right).
  • The integration of our media buy, social media, and content has been crazy successful and continues to grow interest and provide valuable resources for people visiting the Bozeman area.
  • The measurable goals are great, but what really revs our engines is the tremendous expansion the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport has seen with flight capacity, increased direct flights to new markets, and some of the fastest growth of any United States airports.

Work With Prime

Work With Prime

Looking Forward

Our strategy and efforts are always evolving. These days, we’re more focused on finding better ways to measure the ROI and customers’ journey with Bozeman CVB. In October of 2017, we launched a new version of the website, which was even more visually engaging and provided a streamlined navigational structure. The immediate results have been encouraging to say the least! The new site converts users at an even higher rate and has led to a 219% growth in lead growth for 2018 to date. The data we’ve collected has helped us stay agile and continually refine our strategy and improve our campaign. If it’s good, the goal is great. If it’s great, the goal is always better.

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