Shane Niederklein - Prime Incorporated

Shane Niederklein

Web Specialist

Designs like Mays, codes like Hayes. PRIME's ex-ace-on-the-mound whips flies on the Madison more than fastballs these days, but it gets him enough dad time to keep this web ninja at the top of his game.

Shane is a design powerhouse, a UI developer, and a web ninja. He is passionate about captivating content and interactive uses of media that drive pixel perfect experience. He is an expert at implementing effective cues within the digital interface, bringing the design to life with responsive workflows and clean code. His work crosses a broad range of categories in the digital space, both from a functional and visual design method as well as a technical perspective.

Shane is the Web Specialist at PRIME. He delivers a specialized, multi-disciplined approach to his work incorporating lo/hi-fidelity designs, intuitive usability, and user-centered development. Shane's experience provides top-notch functionality, engaging interfaces, and delightful interaction, solving creative problems on behalf of his clients. As the primary Front-End Developer at PRIME, Shane executes JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, with clean, responsive applications, optimizing the load on the server in addition to the enjoyment of the experience.

Shane was a collegiate pitcher, who now uses that speed and accuracy to beat people on the company dartboard. Along with his success in baseball, he developed his artistic side; receiving a BFA from Montana State University, focused on Graphic Design. Born and bred in Montana, his love of the outdoors is extensive. Fishing, skiing, camping, and woodworking are just a few of the things he does when he's not making the internet a prettier place. You will also find that Shane usually brings two precious ladies along with him on his adventures; his wife, Anna, and his daughter, Sage.