The Prime Experience

How We Make the Magic

Creating successful partnerships takes time and a well thought out plan. We truly believe that we’re a great partner for some business, and not so much for others. We want to have those initial conversations and strategy sessions that ensure we’re right for each other and get everybody excited before jumping into proposals, budgets and timelines. This connection allows us to determine and articulate clear goals for creating a knockout brand, marketing campaign, or website for your business. Our long-term partners and projects have always been the result of solid communication and collaboration through every project stage.

We Get Real Acquainted

  • Kick-off call or in-person meeting to get friendly and discuss scope of work.
  • Follow-up with further thoughts and questions from the initial Q&A meeting.
  • Discuss goals and expectations from both parties.

We Make a Master Plan Based on YOU

  • Prescribe marketing solutions for potential client's needs with timeline and budget.
  • Work together to refine the scope, terms, expectations, and budget.
  • As soon as we work out the details, we’ll sign the dotted line and get rolling!

We Get Down to Work

  • We’re going to ask you a ton of questions. And then a few more. One of the coolest parts of our job is learning about yours. It helps us set up a marketing strategy that best works for you specifically.
  • We’ll use our defined goals and target market research to come up with the ideal customers for your business.
  • We take those personas and come up with “the plan” to design, message, and distribute marketing to those people. It’s efficient, cost-effective, and just makes sense for reaching your dream clients.
  • We apply the knowledge gained through our research to your layout, design, and marketing strategy. First impressions are everything. That’s why we set you up with the strategy, design, and deliverables that will blow your ideal customer away from the get-go.

We Design, Review, and Refine Until It’s Perfect

  • We’ll set up the project using our project management software. It’s a great tool that keeps things on track, communication streamlined and deliverables crystal clear.
  • According to the scope of work, we’ll deliver 2-3 designs for your review, based on all we learned in Step Three listed above.
  • We don’t have limited design revisions for a few reasons. First, we trust our process and know that we’ll dial in our design on-time and on-budget, always. Second, we want to ensure we explore all options up-front so it’s a design you’ll fall in love with.

About the Fam

Prime has evolved over the past seven years into what it is now—a well-oiled creative machine. We believe that if we aren’t learning, growing, and taking some risks, we’re not doing what we came here to do: provide you with the best marketing services out there and make ourselves better in the process.

And then there’s the people behind the process. Our office is a thrilling gang of work hard, play hard, love-where-you live individuals. Our culture is bred from the great state of Montana, where we’re able to do what we love in our own little slice of nirvana. We make the most of any opportunity to get outside and run, hike, bike, fish, camp, ski, golf, paddle board, or whatever other play the day brings. We’re a half-day Friday, dog-friendly, stop and say “hey,” local beer in the office kegerator kind of place! We believe great people and a great place to live make for our best work, which we can’t wait to bring to you.

Our Team